Living Off Campus

Find tips, tricks and deals for living off campus.

Themed Bashes for the New Year

Can you believe it is almost 2013? Where did this year go? It seems like only yesterday I was sunbathing, drinking lemonade, and living the easygoing summer life. Now, as I drown in finals and am bundled up in multiple layers of clothing, I cannot help but look forward to New Years. Think about it, a party where everyone celebrates the coming of an opportunity to start fresh! New goals, ambitions and resolutions are all being thought of and anticipated.

Cheap and Easy Meals for College Students…They Exist!

It’s 6 p.m. and you hear your stomach rumble.

Uh oh, you’re hungry and now you have to figure out what to make for dinner.

Packing 101, Part II: Moving Out

Welcome back for Part II of our packing series! Last time we covered the best way to pack for vacation – from planning what you’ll need, to keeping your suitcase light. This week we have tips for how to pack up your life and move it elsewhere; moving out can be a daunting task! With summer coming to a close, it will be important to know the best way to prepare for the big move. Here are some tips to get you started.

Decorating on a Budget: Tips to Save while Staying in Style

Let's face it: growing up, graduating, and moving off campus are incredibly exciting, but it's scary to think about balancing a budget. We all dream of our first apartment - for some, it's that dingy, messy, first studio apartment that seems thrilling; for others, they dream of a glamourous first job and an equally elegant and adequately decorated dig. Most people probably lie somewhere in the middle, but no matter the vision, we all face the same challenge of furnishing, decorating, and living in our new space without busting the bank. Here are some cash-crunching tips to help you decorate in style without sacrificing all of that hard-earned paycheck.

Avoid Some Common Mistakes During a Job and/or Internship Interview has come to know as a great resource for college students and a recent post about interview mistakes to avoid has helped to reaffirm our appreciation of Her Campus.

One major cause of stress during college is gaining experience and experience is typically gained through an internship or job. has put together a fantastic guide of common mistakes to avoid, here.

Pinterest: A Decorating Web of Ideas

Everyone’s talking about, Pinterest. Pinterest has hit the scene like no other; it’s like an online archive for you to save all of your favorite things ranging from recipes, fashion, decorating ideas, etc. And by following other pinners you can find amazing deals and ideas for anything. Making Pinterest the place to go if you want to transform your new space!

Tips for Decorating a Studio Apartment

Studio apartments can be an amazing first step when moving off campus. They are small and efficient. Utilities can be low and there is no need for a lot of furniture. When I decided to go it alone and get a place with out roommates I snatched up a small studio walking distance from campus and I could not have been any happier.

Tips for Turning an Interview into a Job

Interviews are important and they always have been, but now more than ever it is harder to even get in the door. The employment rate for 18 - 24 year olds is at its lowest point in 60 years, which is a scary thought. What's important is to not let the numbers scare you, let it motivate you.

Think Your New Computer is Expensive? Check out the Cost of Technology Over the Decades.

Thinking about getting a new computer for that new apartment you just signed a lease for, but the price tags have you shaking your head? Check out this fun infographic from the daily infographic on the cost of technology over the decades. That new computer may not look so expensive now.


Getting Into the College of Your Dreams

Getting into college can seem like a daunting task...grades, clubs, honors, service, etc...where do you even begin? This neat infographic from makes things a little bit easier and a lot more fun!


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