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10 Luxury University of Houston Apartments Close to Campus

Hey, Cougars! Looking for a cozy habitat that’s close to campus? Then check out MOC’s top 10 luxury University of Houston apartments, all less than 1 mile to campus!

How to Host the Perfect College Dinner Party

In order to throw a successful college dinner party, there are a few ways to make eating with friends more enjoyable. Before you even start cooking, make sure your dishes and silverware are clean and ready to be used. Set the table so that you do not have to hustle around while your guests are waiting. The second basic step is to start cooking early before the guests arrive. This will allow you to focus better on the task at hand and allows you to make multiple things at a time. These two steps seem obvious, but you will not look as amateur if you are prepared.

Setting Expectations with Your College Roommates

Failing to set expectations can spell disaster for any group of college roommates, regardless of whether or not you are friends with the people with whom you are living. Being assigned a random roommate definitely carries its risks (particularly if you are worried about having a roommate who needs to call home to South Korea in the middle of the night), but living with friends poses its own set of problems as well. You’ll have to carefully assess whatever you situation you get yourself into, but here’s a basic formula for handling any roommate assignment.

The Ultimate College Apartment Checklist: 175 Essential Items For Fall Move-In

Moving off campus is an ongoing process until move-in day, but the extra time during the summer allows you to brainstorm all the potential things you will need or that you might forget. In order to make it easier for you, here is the ultimate college apartment checklist to guide your upcoming fall move-in.

10 Cost-Effective Options for University of Pittsburgh Apartments

Hey, Panthers! Seeking a cost-effective, comfortable habitat to reside in next year? Then check out these 10 MOC listings for University of Pittsburgh Apartments that will keep your wallet full and provide you with an awesome pad while still being close to campus.

Cooking in College: Tips in the Kitchen

Before I started living on my own in college, I was pretty much incapable of making anything in the kitchen. Let’s be honest, I could barely make toast. But after a few simple tips and a little practice, I’ve learned to hold my own and cook for other people. Here are a few tips to get you started to become a master chef in the kitchen.

College Apartment Decorating Ideas: Easy, Cheap and Awesome Ways to Display Photos

It’s happened to the best of us. You’ve spent all of this time searching for the perfect apartment, signing the lease, packing up, and finally moving in. Once all of the furniture is in place and boxes are unpacked it’s time to sit, relax and admire your masterpiece. Whether you just moved in to a new place or want to spruce up some bare walls and furnishings, these cheap and easy photo-decorating tips will add personality to your space in no time!

The Top 10 Closest and Least Expensive Ball State University Apartments

Hey, Cardinals! Looking for a quality nest to inhabit that's close to campus and especially affordable? Then check out MOC's top 10 cheapest and closest Ball State University apartments.

Avoid Eviction: How Not to Anger Your Landlord

Most people do not like their landlords. It doesn’t necessarily mean that landlords are bad people; it’s just that their position exists exclusively to collect rent and deal with problems in an apartment or building. No one enjoys paying monthly rent, dealing with broken pipes or other tasks that landlords must carry out to fulfill their jobs. But at the end of the day, someone has to do it, so it doesn’t hurt to be on good terms with the person in control of your living situation.

Student Budgeting: Dining Out, Making Meals, and Saving Money

The summer is always a great opportunity for college students to sublet or rent their first apartment after a year or two on campus. Many parents also see the summer as a great opportunity to subject their college-age children to cruel life lessons – severing financial ties and seeing how we fend for ourselves for 3 months. Doing so will “build character” and “help them learn responsibility” and “keep them from doing fun things.” It’s not difficult to cut back on your spending at bars or clothing stores, but here are some tips for managing one thing you can’t cut out of your budget: food.


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