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How to Deal with Messy College Roommates

Messy roommates can cause all kinds of problems. For instance, let’s say you’re bringing a date back to your apartment for an after-dinner movie. Even if it’s your roommate’s fault, it still reflects pretty poorly on you if the first thing your date sees is flies buzzing around empty food boxes on the coffee table. What’s worse is that you may start hating your roommate for leaving those boxes on the table...until you realize you’ve started to take some cues from him/her and do the same.

The Pro’s and Con’s of Eating Off Campus

Moving off campus presents a lot of lifestyle changes, with one of the most important ones being what you eat. No longer are you living moments away from the campus dining hall, so you’ve got to fend for yourself. Here are some of the positives and negatives that come with living and eating off campus.

Knowing Your Neighbors in Campus Communities

Moving from a dormitory to an apartment can be a big shift. One of the most important things to recognize about living off campus is that you may not be surrounded by students. Your neighbors can range from an old retired couple to young professionals. Not everybody around you is a student anymore, so they may not work on the same schedules or go out on weekends. Hey, they might even have families! Here are some simple suggestions to help you get along in campus communities and stay out of trouble too.

College Moving: Facilitating the College Transportation Process

Though moving off campus definitely has its benefits, arguably its greatest downside is that it puts you further away from your classes and on-campus activities. Here are a few tips to help facilitate transportation while living off campus.

MOC in the Maryland Heights Patch! Connection and Commitment: Building an Online Community is Just the Beginning

Guest author Holly Edgell believes the Internet provides many ways for us to remain distant from each other—for work, education, shopping, entertainment, even relationships. But, increasingly, communities are forming because of the Web. As an example, Facebook allows us to reconnect with people we may have lost touch with, online at first, and then perhaps for a real-life reunion. We can start up new friendships with friends of friends, or based on shared interests. Again, these links may take root in the virtual world, but can reach full flower in actual connections.

The Top 10 University of Maryland - Baltimore Apartments by Distance from Campus

Huffington Post (College) regarded University of Maryland - Baltimore as one of the up-and-coming universities around the nation based on the U.S. News list. This bodes well for those students, as long as they have the proper off-campus housing options. Check out the top 10 listings for University of Maryland - Baltimore apartments filtered by distance from campus.

Splitting Costs with Your College Roommates: Sharing is Caring

When moving into an apartment, costs can pile up quickly, whether it’s the $500 television or the “all-purpose” table that’ll be used for eating and other college-related activities. There’s no sense in paying for all of it yourself, considering your roommates will probably be watching TV and using the table too. So why not split the costs? Releases the Ultimate College Apartment Checklist: 175 Essential Items for Fall Move-In has recently created a comprehensive college apartment checklist to guide college students around the nation as they prepare to move into their on-campus dorms, student apartments and other housing units. The list contains 175 essential items that every college student should have once they move in. From bedding to clothing, electronics to toiletries, this list encompasses most of the items college students use and need on a regular basis.

Top 10 University of Memphis Apartments by Distance from Campus

Hey, Tigers! We're sure many of you are all squared away with your apartment this fall semester. But what about next year? It's never too soon to find an apartment close to campus and get ahead of the pack. Check out our top 10 University of Memphis Apartments closest to campus. They might be far away for you, so let us know if you have closer options for us to list!

[Guest Post] Your College Bucket List: 56 Things To Do Before Your Graduate

Seeking to get the most out of your college experience as an undergraduate? Then check out this guest post from Metro Times editorial intern Ally Levine and check off some entertaining, controversial and essential items of your college bucket list.


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