Turn Your New College Crib Into a Comfy Home

When moving into a brand new apartment, you’ll probably be faced with an insane number of trips to home decorating stores like Ikea, Bed Bath and Beyond, or (my personal favorite) Target – with the attempt to fill your empty rooms and turn your new place into a home.

I first began my college apartment shopping experience by finding the necessities: bed, dresser, desk, couch—the interior design initiative didn’t kick in until I bought my comforter. If décor is not your strong point, your best bet is to start here. Because your bed is the main focal point of the room, each surrounding item should complement it. My comforter is black and white, which gave me the right color scheme to find matching furniture and wall fixtures. Measuring the dimensions of your room is important before making any big furniture purchases. Determine  the size and number of fixtures that will fit in your apartment bedroom. To find a decently priced shelf, I looked at Target. My parents had an old set of cherry wood drawers lying around that fit well with this ‘old-fashioned’ look I was attempting to pull off. To save money and create a vintage feel, searching through your parents’ belongings is a must! You never know what is lying around that can be put to good use.

You should also keep in mind the importance of organizing your belongings, especially while in college. Items such as bookshelves and a desk are perfect to store your textbooks and other supplies used for classes. A great desk is absolutely essential when creating your personal study space within the new apartment. After all, you will be spending a lot of time there and you want to be comfortable! And don’t forget to get each room’s dimensions for perfect furniture placement.

Moving into a small apartment? To make your surroundings feel more spacious, mirror fixtures are fun, inexpensive accents to hang on any wall. Personal touches like your favorite painting or a unique set of candles will also help make your apartment feel more like home. Coordinate the colors of these items with your couch, rugs and pillows in the living area for a completely pulled-together look.

Use these tips to transform your dull apartment into a more inviting atmosphere. With a small amount of effort, your college apartment will become a home away from home.


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