The Top 5 University of Minnesota Apartments

Looking for University of Minnesota apartments? We thought we’d help by putting together some quick tips while you search for apartments off campus.

Let’s face it, finding apartments near university of Minnesota might not be so tough – after all, it’s a huge campus! But before you can start your apartment search for the perfect off campus crib, there are a few things you need to figure out first:

  • Roommates – who, how many?
  • Bedrooms – usually answered after the first question, but sharing rooms can save money
  • Distance from Campus – walking to class would be nice, yes?
  • Budget – how much money are you looking to spend per month on new University of Minnesota apartments?
  • It’s important to remember that it’s not just rent you have to worry about. Other pertinent expenses include:
    • Utilities
    • Cable/Internet
    • Food
    • Going out
    • Personal care (gettin’ your hair and nails “did,” maybe a facial?)
    • Miscellaneous

It might sound silly, but taking some time to write down a budget with you and your prospective roommates can save you a lot of future headache and help you find the apartment that’s right for you.

Once you have a budget in mind, now you can start your search. Check out apartments near University of Minnesota page for thousands of buildings near campus. Below are our top five U of M apartments that highlight everything from the affordable apartments near campus to huge houses in the Dinkytown and Como neighborhoods:

Dinnaken House
Distance from UMN: ~.5 miles
# of bedrooms: 2
Price:  $1394/month for the apartment (2-4 people)

It’s tough to find another apartment closer to campus that has all of the amenities that you need.  Enjoy living in an atmosphere that is very student-oriented, while having the real privacy you need with thick, concrete walls.  You have everything you need in the apartment including laundry rooms on every floor, a 24-hour Rec Center, a study room, and a club room for meetings and get-togethers.   If this still is not enough for you, Burger King is across the street, which is perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and any late night munchies.

Cole Townhomes
Distance from UMN: ~.78 miles
# of bedrooms: 3
Price: $1500/month for the apartment (2-4 people)

These great townhomes include very spacious three-level floor plans, a garage and parking space, and a washer and dryer in every unit.  It is a little distance to campus, but this is no problem as the bus line that goes directly to the U is walking distance from the units.  It is hard to find a price this low for a space this huge!  Any student can really make this space their own.

University Commons
Distance from UMN: ~1.5 miles
# of bedrooms: 2 or 4
Price: $509/month shared, $609/month single. Additional $50/month for a short-term lease.

This is one of the most versatile apartments on campus. The greatest perk about University Commons is the short term lease and the amenities. For those who do not plan to spend the summer on campus, an additional $50 a month saves you the time for subleasing. It is about a 15-minute walk to the university recreation center, but no worries, there is a fitness center, tanning booth, and game room in the main building accessible to all residents! The apartment is also furnished and includes a washer and dryer in the unit.

Marcy Park Apartments
Distance from UMN: ~1.1 miles
# of bedrooms: 1-4
Price: $975-$2599 per apartment per month

In a relatively central location, the Marcy apartments are within close proximity to lecture halls, Dinkytown restaurants, and bus stops. This apartment features spacious rooms, which allow for plenty of living space. It also includes a fitness center open to all residents. Concerned about the Minnesota weather damaging your car? Marcy Park offers a garage to save your vehicle AND/OR bicycle from the elements. Wi-fi is also abundant throughout the building.

GrandMarc 7 Corners
Distance from UMN: ~1.8 miles
# of bedrooms: 1-3
Price: $610-$1330 per apartment per month

The best selling point of this apartment is its price point. If you are considering living on West Bank, 7 corners is a great choice. It is within a mile of the west bank lecture halls and restaurants. The apartment is pet friendly and offers amenities such as a fitness center, tanning room, party room, and covered parking.

Are we crazy? Did we miss any University of Minnesota apartments that are perfect for college students?  Let us know what you think!


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