The Top 10 Georgia State University Apartments

Looking to live in one of the best Georgia State University apartments? Then you’re in the right place. We know the hottest spots where fellow Panthers reside and wreak havoc. So check out these top 10 apartments near GSU!

  1. The Flats - The Flats are one of the most popular student housing complexes in Atlanta. They are located in the heart of the city between Downtown and Midtown. With everything in walking distance, from eateries to grocery stores to shopping areas, The Flats are perfect for the student lifestyle.
  2. Alexan 360 - The Alexan 360 is conveniently located just blocks away from Georgia State University and the main campus. Walking a couple blocks will give you access to the school shuttles that will haul you to your destination. The Alexan only has one and two-bedroom units available, but the location definitely makes up for it.
  3. Westmar Student Lofts - Another student housing area located in Midtown in the middle of the main schools in Atlanta. Westmar has to be one of the most affordable student apartments complexes in the area; students from all schools come together and live in the community.
  4. Apex West Midtown - One of the nicer apartments available in Atlanta where several students go to live. It’s slightly pricey, yet a very good area for students to live comfortably. Minutes away from the highway and shopping areas, Apex West Midtown is a great apartment complex.
  5. Pencil Factory Flats - Located in Downtown Atlanta, several students choose the place for their residency. Atlanta doesn’t boast many inexpensive housing options, but this is an especially affordable option for Georgia State University apartments.
  6. Capitol Gateway - Located Downtown right by Atlanta’s City Hall, Capital Gateway is another popular yet affordable apartment complex. With the Turner Field right around the corner, along with Georgia State University and the Atlanta University Center minutes away, Capital Gateway is a hot spot for GSU students.
  7. Gateway Apartments - Located Downtown a couple blocks away from the Georgia Dome, Gateway Apartments is a place where several students live. It may not be the favorite apartment among GSU students, but it’s certainly one of the most affordable.
  8. M Street Lofts - These lofts have to be one of the most popular among students. Located in Midtown on Marietta Street, tons of students live in the area, so it’s always a great time!
  9. 935M - Amazing apartments right across form M Street Lofts. Very pricey but a great location and very popular with students.
  10. City View Apartments - One of the top apartment complexes when it comes to the views of Atlanta. Its name speaks volumes and you won’t be disappointed with what you get. The prices are quite steep, but it’s a great complex.

Are we crazy? Did we miss any Georgia State University apartments that are perfect for college students?  Let us know what you think!


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