Themed Bashes for the New Year

Can you believe it is almost 2013? Where did this year go? It seems like only yesterday I was sunbathing, drinking lemonade, and living the easygoing summer life. Now, as I drown in finals and am bundled up in multiple layers of clothing, I cannot help but look forward to New Years. Think about it, a party where everyone celebrates the coming of an opportunity to start fresh! New goals, ambitions and resolutions are all being thought of and anticipated. With this in mind, usually New Years parties are a time where everyone dresses up in fancy and (sometimes) glittery outfits to ring in the New Year with style. However, it might be fun to switch it up! Themed parties are always a good time, and make festivities more interesting and entertaining. For this reason, I have thought up of some fun themes that maybe you can incorporate when planning a New Years party with your family and friends!

Masquerade: There’s something mysteriously awesome about hiding your identity behind a mask that depicts your personality in an amusing and creative way. Are you a little adventurous? Wear a colorful mask with feathers! Maybe a little more down to earth? Simple masks can be just as beautiful and attention grabbing. It gets even better though, because when the clock strikes midnight, the masks will be taken off and the secret identities of the guests are revealed. Masquerades are a different and interesting twist to a huge celebration, and one that will surely not be forgotten for years to come.

Casino Night: Casinos are always a fun way to test your luck and make (or lose) some serious cash! However, you can bring the excitement and glamour of a night at the casino into a New Years bash! Decorate the place with balloons, games and plenty of chips. Your guests will end up thinking they are actually in Vegas with the high rollers. Fake money is used when gambling, and who ever wins the most gets a prize! A little competition and adrenaline are always great attributes to an already exciting countdown to 2013.

Pick A Decade: Guests from all ages can enjoy picking their favorite decade they have either lived through, or wish they had. Ring in 2013 with people dressed as hippies, disco attire, poodle skirts, or even neon leggings and side ponies! Each decade brought forth fun fashion and distinct character. Throughout the night, everyone can dance along to oldies and transport themselves back in time!

New Years is a celebration that is already enjoyable in itself, but adding a theme to the party can take it that extra mile, and make it that much more memorable! Do you have any cool themes that you would like to have at your party? Leave a comment below!

Happy New Years!


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