The SLU Housing Debate

Throughout the past year, Saint Louis University has dealt with a number of housing difficulties. What began as a newly developed and organized idea by administration, quickly turned into a debate on campus. This new plan requires underclassmen to live on campus during their first two years at SLU instead of moving off campus. In the past, upperclassmen have enjoyed staying on campus all four years for the chance to live in the student village. The village is in a prime location on campus and is also near popular bars and nightlife that older students enjoy being a part of.

Since freshmen and sophomores have been forced to live in on-campus housing, the choice to be in the student village has been granted to a number of younger students. This has formed an argument amongst juniors and seniors who are only given the chance to choose on-campus housing after sophomores. Because of this monumental housing change, underclassmen have been placed in the student village and upperclassmen have been forced into the dorms that younger students formerly resided in. What has this led to? If you haven’t guessed already, many students are now opting to move off campus. Upperclassmen have rebelled against Housing and Residence Life by trashing their on-campus housing applications all together.

Whether you’re a student at SLU or having these same similar difficulties at your university, moving off campus could be the best alternative for your housing next semester. The great news is that moving off campus can be around the same price or less expensive than living on campus! To convince your parents to let you live off campus, your best bet is is to lay down the facts and prepare for each question you’ll be asked. Safety, pricing and proximity to the library are some pretty commonly asked questions to consider and develop great answers to. Afterall, your parents are probably paying for you to live off campus, so you both want to be happy with the decision.

Convincing the “rents” is just one small step to improving your future living experiences; the next move is to find the perfect place! Visit to check out the awesome places that we have listed near your university. Feel free to browse all SLU listings or a few of our favorite apartments near SLU:

The Packard Lofts
Continental Life Building
PW Shoe Loft Apartments


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