Pinterest: A Decorating Web of Ideas

Everyone’s talking about, Pinterest. Pinterest has hit the scene like no other; it’s like an online archive for you to save all of your favorite things ranging from recipes, fashion, decorating ideas, etc. And by following other pinners you can find amazing deals and ideas for anything. Making Pinterest the place to go if you want to transform your new space!

When moving away from the dorms and into an actual space of your own there is a list of things you need to do that you don’t even realize. Living in the dorms includes the perks of providing food, bathroom supplies and smaller spaces with much less decorating to worry about. Although living in a new space provides much more privacy and an opportunity to get an idea of what your life in the real world will be like. In order to make the space your own you need to start decorating, which is usually both fun and stressful. In college this can be costly as well since majority of the college student population has about a million other costs to worry about. But Pinterest is a resourceful site that not only has a million ideas for decorating but also has links to sites with affordable and creative décor. So in order to get brainstorming about your new living room or kitchen just make an account and you are all set!

When you log onto Pinterest there are millions of users so prepare yourself. Immediately it will show you your home page with pinners you follow. There is also an “everything” tab that you can look on that has a lot of different categories including a “home décor” one. This is the one you want to go to in order to look for ideas for your new off-campus apartment. It has tons of different, creative, traditional, and unique ideas all on one page. If you start to see ideas you like then you can also start following that pinner’s board from where you found the idea. This allows you to get new ideas daily in order to make your new place the best it can be.

When you move into a new apartment in college and are looking for some inspiration I would suggest going to Pinterest. This site will change your life, it is an unending list of ideas that are constantly changing and growing everyday. It has ideas that are affordable, funky, and fun. It will make everyone who visits your apartment want you to be his or her decorator.


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