Panther Prey: Top 5 Restaurants near Georgia State University

Hey, GSU students! Searching for awesome eateries to satisfy your voracious Panther appetite? Check out these 5 restaurants near Georgia State University next time you're looking to grab a bite!

The Varsity – Located on Spring St, The Varsity is world-renowned and it receives so many amazing reviews for its hot dogs.  They have a lot more items on the menu than that, but either way, The Varsity is the place to be.

Gladys Knight’s Chicken and Waffles – To quell or your late-night food desires, check out Gladys Knight’s on Peachtree. It’s a great place to go after late-night parties, or even if you just wanted to grab a late bite. Another world-renowned restaurant not only known for the celebrity notoriety, but known for its great-tasting food. The “Midnight Train” is the most popular item on the menu; it's about five or six greatly-seasoned chicken wings and two waffles. If you’ve never had Chicken and Waffles, you haven’t lived!

Fishook Grille – Another place that is quite familiar and relatively close is Atlantic Station. It is a great place that sells mostly seafood with vegetables that are seasoned and grilled to perfection. Very affordable and a great atmosphere for eating, The Fishook Grille is a top pick among the restaurants near Georgia State University.

The Panther's Den is a place where Georgia State students can obtain food very quickly because it is directly across from the campus' University Commons and two blocks away from the student lofts. They have great hot wings at an even greater price and the pastries are far beyond delicious. For an express meal for Georgia State University students, The Panther's Den is the campus hot spot.

Chipotle on Ponce de Leon - The fifth and final place that is popular with many students around Atlanta is Chipotle, a great Mexican restaurant in which almost every student is familiar with in ATL. They are known for the burritos, steak and chicken along with all the delightful ingredients that you can add to them. A great location near Little 5 points in Atlanta, Chipotle is a great place to eat, especially with friends!

Are we crazy? Did we miss any Atlanta restaurants near Georgia State University that are great for students? What's your favorite place to eat near GSU?


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