Packing 101, Part II: Moving Out

Welcome back for Part II of our packing series! Last time we covered the best way to pack for vacation – from planning what you’ll need, to keeping your suitcase light. This week we have tips for how to pack up your life and move it elsewhere; moving out can be a daunting task! With summer coming to a close, it will be important to know the best way to prepare for the big move. Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Pare down first: use moving as an opportunity to rid yourself of old junk, finally toss those denim cutoffs you know you’ll never wear, and recycle your Chem 101 notes. There’s no use wasting time packing things you don’t need!

2. Start early: last minute packing leads to inefficiencies, and the potential for broken items along the way. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to safely and efficiently pack up your belongings.

3. Label everything: This is a big one for saving time, especially if you’re a college student sending some boxes home and putting some in storage. Put a brief description of the contents on each box and bag to make unpacking a breeze. You can even label cords to ensure you match them up with the correct electronics when you arrive.

4. Spread out heavy items: while it might make sense to put all of your books in one box, you will end up with one very heavy box! Make sure to spread out denser items among various boxes to avoid ending up with a box that is too heavy to carry.

5. Be careful not to pack everything: Make sure to set aside one bag or a small pile of things you’ll need during the move – a change of clothes, toiletries, etc. You don’t want to get caught without the necessities!

Most of all, remember to stay calm and be patient! Moving out can be a big stress, but with these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to survive the task.


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