Packing 101, Part I: Summer Vacation

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Vacations are fun. Moving into a new apartment is fun. Packing…is not. We all love the idea of the destination, but organizing yourself in order to get there is always a struggle. Part I of the Packing 101 series contains some tips to avoid the hassle and stress of packing, and land at your destination with everything you need for the most enjoyable vacation ever.

1. Pack outfits, not individual articles of clothing: if you pack using the “I need 5 shirts and 5 shorts” method, you’ll end up arriving with nothing that matches and bringing more than you need.

2. Pack light! It’s tough in the winter, but summer allows you to bring just the basics. Dresses for girls are key (a whole outfit in just one article of clothing), and a few basic button downs for guys will do the trick. Don’t forget that airlines charge a fortune for checked bags, so it’s important to condense as much as possible.

3. Think ahead to your vacation activities: know you’re going to be going to one fancy dinner? Bring one nice outfit for that occasion. Planning to have time to work out only once? Only bring one gym outfit.

4. Shoe-up strategically: Shoes take up the most room in your bag, so try to bring your most versatile pairs. If you have sandals that are nice enough for going out to dinner, bring those to avoid needing two pairs. If you have loafers that can double-up as walking shoes, pack ‘em!

Follow these tips and you can be sure to enjoy your vacation without spending hours packing! Just make sure to pack the sunscreen…

Stay tuned for Part II with tips on how to move into your new apartment as efficiently as possible!


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