My Appetite is Born on the 4th of July

If someone were to ask me what my favorite day of the year was, I think I would have to say the 4th of July. While it’s the middle point of the most relaxing time of the year, it is also a day to express your patriotism and celebrate being part of our great nation. But in my opinion, the reason that the 4th of July is the best holiday is because of the food. After all, it’s in the heart of barbequing season.

Everyone has certain traditions as to how they celebrate Independence Day. Most people watch fireworks and eat outside. When it comes to indulging in traditional American delicacies, there are ten foods that come to mind on July 4th. Let the countdown begin…

10)  Watermelon - Ants and humans alike prefer this tasty fruit. Something about the way the gush of watery juice hits your lips makes summer (and the 4th of July) the only time or year to really enjoy this fruit.

9)   Ribs - A little messy but always a hit when you eat outside. Nothing says its summer like having some BBQ all over your face and hands.

8)   Cupcakes - Other than at birthday parties, one of the only times I like to indulge myself in these pastry pleasants. Plus, it’s easy to make the frosting represent America with red, white and blue colors.

7)   Corn on the Cobb - There’s something fun about eating with your hands. The flavor always seems to last since it always seems to get stuck in your teeth. Hope you aren’t wearing braces!

6)   Popsicles - Low calorie, high satisfaction. On a humid night in the summer under some fireworks, popsicles make everything better.

5)   Grilled Chicken - Easy to grill, and diverse in function. You can put it on a skewer, make a sandwich, and even throw it in a salad.

4)   Chocolate Cake - You have to have cake, it’s America’s birthday!

3)   Hotdogs - Grab a bun, throw in a dog, and add whatever condiments you like. Repeat as necessary.

2)   Vanilla Ice Cream - When the heat blazes, nothing is colder and hits the spot like ice cream.

1)   Cheeseburger - It’s pretty self explanatory, but I think Jimmy Buffet said it best: “Cheeseburger in Paradise, heaven on earth with an onion slice.”

After stuffing yourself full of the previously listed foods, take some time to sprawl out and relax under the fireworks. Enjoy the day off work with your family, friends, and delicious food because after all, it only happens once a year! From everyone at the MOC team, Happy Independence Day!


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