Releases the Ultimate College Apartment Checklist: 175 Essential Items for Fall Move-In

Here’s our latest national release from has recently created a comprehensive college apartment checklist to guide college students around the nation as they prepare to move into their on-campus dorms, student apartments and other housing units. The list contains 175 essential items that every college student should have once they move in. From bedding to clothing, electronics to toiletries, this list encompasses most of the items college students use and need on a regular basis.

“After a few years in college, I’ve learned that to prevent leaving items off the checklist, you should start writing it way before you begin your move,” said Spencer Gordon, Intern for Moving Off Campus and current junior at Washington University in St. Louis. “That way, as you remember things you need to bring, you add them to the list. It should be an ongoing process until move-in day, but the extra time allows you to brainstorm all the potential things you will need or that you might forget.”

The college apartment checklist includes details on bedding/living, room setup, electronics, clothing, school supplies, toiletries, medicine, eatery, cleaning, and forms/documents.

Follow this link to read the full Press Release


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