In Fox Business News! Are You Ready to Move Off Campus?

A special thanks to Emily Driscoll of Fox Business News for allowing the team to help contribute to her recent article "Are You Ready to Move Off Campus?"  Here's a small excerpt of the story with link - check it out!

...Make sure you are moving off campus for the right reasons; while dorm dwelling tends not to be glamorous, it does offer some perks. Most schools charge housing costs at the beginning of a semester, there are no separate utility bills and transportation costs are minimal to none.

Students and parents should determine if moving makes financial sense by conducting a cost comparison to see what the price difference is between living on and off campus.

“In some cases on campus is actually more expensive when you factor in the costs of university housing and a university meal plan, which is usually necessary or included in the rent when living on campus,” says Mark Sawyier, president and founder of MovingOffCampus.

If you are ready to fly the on-campus coop, there are a number of things to think about. Here’s what some off-campus housing and college experts suggest to do to determine if moving off campus makes sense...

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