MOC in the Maryland Heights Patch! Connection and Commitment: Building an Online Community is Just the Beginning

Our founder and CEO Mark Sawyier recently sat down with Maryland Heights Patch author Holly Edgell. In her article entitled, "Connection and Commitment: Building an Online Community is Just the Beginning," Mark sheds lights on how online communities continue to evolve and what are the best ways to engage and sustain them. He also discusses college marketing programs and our relationship with our campus ambassadors as it relates to Moving Off Campus:

"The Internet provides many ways for us to remain distant from each other—for work, education, shopping, entertainment, even relationships. But, increasingly, communities are forming because of the Web.

As an example, Facebook allows us to reconnect with people we may have lost touch with, online at first, and then perhaps for a real-life reunion. We can start up new friendships with friends of friends, or based on shared interests. Again, these links may take root in the virtual world, but can reach full flower in actual connections..."

Click here to read the full article and see how MOC fosters a sense of community online and on the ground!


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