How to Host the Perfect College Dinner Party

In order to throw a successful college dinner party, there are a few ways to make eating with friends more enjoyable. Before you even start cooking, make sure your dishes and silverware are clean and ready to be used. Set the table so that you do not have to hustle around while your guests are waiting. The second basic step is to start cooking early before the guests arrive. This will allow you to focus better on the task at hand and allows you to make multiple things at a time. These two steps seem obvious, but you will not look as amateur if you are prepared.

It always helps to have a little something to snack on before the meal. By setting chips or dip around before, your guests will have a little something to nibble on while they chat and while you are attending to the meal.

Just like cooking, remember to keep the menu simple. There is no need to try making something for the first time. Stick with your go to meal. By keeping the foods basic and offering a wide assortment, you really can’t mess anything up too bad. Getting a prepackaged salad, grilling meat, and boiling some vegetables will go a long way in satisfying a well-rounded meal for a large group of people. It’s easy and shouldn’t take to long to prepare.

Another way to make a college dinner party more enjoyable is by making them a potluck. By having each person bring one dish or dessert, you can save money by buying one item in bulk, you can add variety to a simple meal, and you can reduce the time and effort you need in the kitchen. Plus, if each person is good at making one thing, you can have a very tasty meal with a ton of different cooking styles.

Last but not least, when the dinner is over, clear the table, but leave the dishes until everyone leaves. No one likes a host that is pent up in the kitchen and not conversing with the attending guests. Relax, enjoy the night, and worry about the cleanup after the fact.

Are we crazy? Did we miss any useful tips to help throw the perfect college dinner party? Let us know in the comment box below.


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