Happy Halloween! Costume Contest?

Today is October 31st.

Meaning... it’s the spoooooookiest…. or weirdest/ craziest/ lamest / (however you want to look at it) day of the year everyone, Halloween!

Let’s get something straight here: I. Love. Halloween.

What’s not to love? You get to dress up as something ridiculously outrageous, which therefore leads to a lot of laughs and/ or screams. Besides, there’s something about scary gross and creepy that really gets to me.

Oh, and who on this earth can forget about all the candy??

One of my favorite websites CollegeHumor has a costume contest running where you can click through and vote on your favorite.

Hilarious? Obviously. Amusing? You bet.

Even better, if you’re a Halloween freak (like me) you can submit a picture of your costume and possibly win some CASH prizes!

Check out the gallery and vote to see if your selections make it in the top ranking, or hey, even submit your own!

So, whether you are staying at home carving a pumpkin or getting down on the dance floor as a pumpkin, be safe and have fun!

Visit Collegehumor.com for more details!!



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