[Guest Post] Your College Bucket List: 56 Things To Do Before Your Graduate

Seeking to get the most out of your college experience as an undergraduate? Then check out this guest post from Metro Times editorial intern Ally Levine and check off some entertaining, controversial and essential items from your college bucket list:

Pranks When we graduate from college, we're supposed to be sober, serious adults. So what better excuse right now to release a painted pig in a building? Or to put 100 pink flamingos on the dean's lawn? Be creative, and remember: Don't get caught.

Start the next campus craze — Our post-collegiate research department identifies goldfish-swallowing in the 1930s (210 is claimed as a record), panty raids (supposedly beginning at the University of Michigan) and phone-booth stuffing in the 1950s, piano-smashing in the 1960s and streaking in the 1970s. There the fad tradition pretty much dies. But you, dear collegiate reader, can revive it.

Organize a flash mob But make it a flash mob for good, not evil.

Posters — This is the last time in your life when you can put posters on the wall without being accused of regressing. We suggest something tasteful, such as W.C. Fields or some symphony in blacklight from a resale shop.

Go vegetarian/vegan Not only can you enjoy all the college-age self-righteousness of a vegan diet, it dovetails neatly with the "picky eater" phase you don't want to age out of quite yet. Note that limited income often creates the hybrid McVegetarian who subsists on ramen and fishwiches.

Experience the dorm cafeteria Including on "mystery meat" day. Unless you're following the advice above.

Road trip! Normally, this means getting in your friends' worst, smallest car, packing it to the gills with things you will not need, and then breaking down on the highway just far enough from home to necessitate calling Mom and Dad for a wire from Western Union.

For the full bucket list, click here to read the entire article!

What's on your bucket list? Which items have you checked off? Let us know!


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