Goodbye Summer: Back to School Tips

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As much as we all like to deny it, summer is ending sooner than you think! Lazy pool days and beach trips will be gone soon enough. But before we all start complaining about getting back to the grind, let’s remember that fall doesn’t mean there will be no more fun. It may be time to get back into the swing of things and prepare for another school year, but we can still have a blast along the way!

  1. Prepare for your classes: lock down that schedule while you still have plenty of free time to adjust it. Buy your books in advance and determine, to the best of your knowledge, what notebooks and supplies you will need for each course. You’ll find yourself less stressed if you take care of this in advance instead of scrambling to do it during the first week of classes.
  2. Coordinate fun activities with friends: make sure to plan some de-stress time right off the bat to avoid finding yourself in the library too much. Cool apps like Bonfyre allow you to coordinate and schedule events and activities before you and your friends even get back to campus.
  3. Don’t get behind on schoolwork: get into the habit of working and studying a little bit at a time so that you don’t find yourself cramming when the first midterm season rolls around. A little work in advance each day can save you hours down the road, not to mention the stress that comes with piled-up work!

The most important back to school tip we can give, though, is to enjoy yourself! Don’t forget that these are the best years of your life. Try not to sweat the little things, and appreciate your friends while you can. Take a trip, work hard, ask questions, and make the most of it!


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