Fit Everything Into That Tiny Closet

I never really realized how much stuff I had until I had to jam everything into that tiny little closet in the dorm rooms when I went away to college.  It seemed hopeless after trying to cram everything into it about five million times, and I was at a loss as to where to start.  My closet started to seem like a never ending project. Not only was my life being compacted into one tiny room, but it was being compacted with someone else's too! Even if you're moving into your first off-campus apartment, chances are you don't exactly have a walk-in and these tips will really help.
Drastic measures needed to be taken. It was time to figure out where to start with this huge project. There were some crucial steps that needed to be taken in order to squeeze everything into that almost non-existent closet.
Step 1: Sort Out What You Really Need
Although I had a ton of old t-shirts that I thought would be perfect for hitting the gym, it was not really a necessity.  I had plenty of work out clothes and didn't need twenty different selections.  Also, as I have come to realize there is a new club, sport, fraternity or sorority t-shirt available nearly every single week.
Step 2: Organizing Your Clothes
I realized that after I organized my clothes, I could see what clothes were important to have.  I could also see the proportions of what type of clothes I was bringing.  You do not need ten pairs of jeans and only three pairs of socks.
Step 3: Research Your Local Weather
I was going to school in Southern California.  I did not need a ton of sweaters when it is sunny most of the time there.  Instead I needed to pack some shorts and tank tops.  If I was going to the East Coast it would be so important to bring some warm clothes and plenty of coats!
Step 4: A Trip to the Container Store
The Container Store was officially my new best friend. I could find EVERYTHING to organize my belongings.  A shoe rack to hang on the closet door, allows you to maximize space on the closet floor. Multi-layered hangers fit multiple pairs of jeans on one hanger and an accessories rack is great for all your scarves, belts, etc.
Step 5: Put It All Together
Now that I had all my essentials and my organizational tools it was so simple to fit everything! Ultimately, I have learned that to fit everything into a tiny closet you MUST be organized! It makes daily life so much easier; that way you have more time for homework and studying. Wishful thinking? With your newly organized closet, the possibilities are endless.


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