Cutting Corners: A Complete College Handbook For Getting A's The Easy Way

Sure, sometimes classes are "easy A's" and we don't have to put a whole lot of effort into them to come out on top; however, those classes can be hard to come by. Here at we came across the opportunity to share with you a great eBook deal that could also benefit your classroom experience. (Just don't tell your parents about this one!)

With the new semester just a couple weeks away, you might be feeling anxious about how you're going to improve your grades this time around.  The new how-to guide, Cutting Corners: A Complete College Handbook For Getting A's The Easy Way, might just help you find your answers.  The book is available on the Amazon Kindle for free through Thursday, in celebration of reaching #1 on the Amazon College Guide charts.  "There's so many books out there right now on how to succeed in college that were written by somebody's parents," said author Justin Rich.  "I think Cutting Corners is resonating with the public because I'm 24 years old, and I've lived all of this stuff.  I put in the time to research what works and what doesn't, and I'm giving the students what they want - a no frills guide for how to get this stuff done."

Cutting Corners features chapters on topics like how to minimize the amount of time you spend meeting for group projects, how to study without losing focus, and how to decompress right before a test.  But one thing you won't find in the book are any tips for cheating.  "I think it's fun to make a sport out of putting in the least amount of work possible for an 'A,'" said Rich.  "But I still don't believe in cheating, because what does that prove?"  That doesn't mean that the book doesn't come without its fair share of controversy.  Some campus bookstores have refused to carry the book, and that's in no small part due to the fact that the book takes a rather raw viewpoint of lazy professors that students encounter during their time in school.  "Does it make fun of professors and have some crass humor along the way?  Sure," says Rich with a laugh.  "But then again, who doesn't appreciate a good professor joke from time to time?  If these people did their jobs right, there would be no reason to write a book like this."

You can download Cutting Corners for free via Amazon (and read it on any Kindle, smartphone, or PC/Mac device) by clicking right here –



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