The College Moving Process

June 1st is essentially opening day for the summer subletting season near college campuses, meaning the sidewalks are filled with uncomfortably sweaty fathers carrying boxes back and forth, and the aisles of Bed, Bath, & Beyond are littered with mothers carrying those strange 5-headed lamps that everyone buys.  For me, move-in this summer took place in Saint Louis, where the cool 97-degree sun made carrying mattresses up three flights of stairs that much easier.  Now, after having moved into three different apartments in my life, I’ve learned a few different ways to conserve energy for the multi-day college moving process:

Pack with Moving in Mind: Packing up after my freshman year of college, I wasn’t thinking that I would be lifting those same boxes just a few months later.  Why would I not want all my textbooks in the same box?  That way they’ll be easy to find when I’m unpacking next semester! You won’t be worrying about those textbooks when you’re going into cardiac arrest carrying a 200-lb box up to your third floor apartment.  Pack with foresight; distribute your things evenly so you can save yourself some energy.

Befriend Strong People with Big Cars: For me, this summer’s move-in process was relatively painless, particularly because I’m living with three varsity basketball players.  Should I ask my girlfriend to help me move couches, or would it be better to ask one of my 6-foot-9 roommates?  It wasn’t that difficult of a decision.  But if you aren’t fortunate enough to live with a bunch of basketball players, there are still ways to make the move easier.  Asking around for people with big cars is always a good idea.  You’ll save money by not having to rent a U-Haul and will have to make fewer trips to your storage unit.

Consolidate Trips: This summer I was also lucky to have my grandmother in town to help me move in, though she was really only there for moral support.  She would help me carry some of the heavier items, like my pillow, or a broom.  Whether you’re moving in alone or your only help is an 85-year-old woman, consolidating trips can make the move easier.  Carry as much stuff as possible, pack your car until you can barely close the doors, and don’t go to Target unless you’re planning on getting at least 20 things because I guarantee you’ll think of 20 more by the time you get home.

Finally, just accept the task at hand: you are going to have several days of moving ahead of you.  And while it may seem daunting at the time, you’ll be glad you powered through it instead of taking hour-long breaks to watch Sportscenter like my roommates did (who are now moving in all Saturday night instead).


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