College Apartment Decorating Ideas: Easy, Cheap and Awesome Ways to Display Photos

It’s happened to the best of us. You’ve spent all of this time searching for the perfect apartment, signing the lease, packing up, and finally moving in.

Once all of the furniture is in place and boxes are unpacked it’s time to sit, relax and admire your masterpiece. Yay! But then you take a deep breath, look around and realize I have nothing on the walls and that end table looks pretty bare!

Whether you just moved in to a new place or want to spruce up some bare walls and furnishings, these cheap and easy photo-decorating tips will add personality to your space in no time!

Home Goods
If you haven’t heard of Home Goods, do yourself a favor and head over to this treasure trove. It’s like a massive Marshalls for all things home and they have a ton of cheap frames to suit any style apartment. If you don’t have a Home Goods near you, check out Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Marshall’s or TJ Maxx.

Photo Groupings
One of our favorite ways to display photos in an apartment is to chose a bare wall or piece of furniture and arrange 5 or more pictures in one grouping. Be sure to mix and match the sizes for some visual interest. Many stores carry packs of multiple frames that have the same overall style at a reduced price, which will make the process much simpler and cheaper for you.

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Wall Art

Another awesome way to display photos is to enlarge a single photo to scale a full wall or piece of furniture. This tip may take some more work on your part, but in the end, the look will definitely draw some major attention.

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The Fridge

This seems like an obvious one, but guess what? Your friends will praise your creativity if you actually turn your favorite shots into magnets. Check out these cost effective options at Zazzle. Less than $5/magnet…now that’s a deal!

Have fun and be sure to share your favorite college apartment decorating ideas here! Feel free to send us pics too; we would love to share them on the MOC blog.


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