Back to Basics: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. We've heard this a lot, but what steps can we take to actually implement these practices in our homes?

Reduce: In this context, we can think of reducing waste, but also of reducing space. Check out this awesome and affordable vertical garden from Urbio. The magnetic planters stay clean and out of the way, plus they double as storage space for desk or kitchen supplies! You can grow your own herbs to stay fresh and save money on groceries. If you don’t like the taste of apartment tap water, get a water filter for the fridge. The Brita holds a decent amount of liquid and the filters only need to be changed every few months. That means weeks of fresh, cool water without the taste of the tap or the waste of a plastic bottle. Win-win!

Reuse: How about putting the dependable paper towel on double duty? After you wash your hands, hold the towel under the faucet for just a moment to make it damp and use the towel to wipe down any nearby dusty surfaces. Picture yourself as the star of your very own Bounty commercial! An even better bet: Say au revoir to paper products and add a splash of color to a drab kitchen with festive dish towels. Turquoise and other greens add a fun pop of color to dining space and when the towels are damp or dirty, just throw them in the washer and rotate in a back-up set.

Recycle: This one’s easy! Put all cans, bottles, and glass containers aside for a local recycling collection. Or, use jars as trendy drinking vessels for water, tea, coffee, and smoothies. For some eco-friendly accessorizing, peel the logo off of empty wine bottles and use as a vase for wild flowers. Another simple way to recycle – line your trashcans with leftover plastic bags from the grocery store. It’s wasteful to toss these after a single shopping trip, so once the groceries are unloaded, stash the bags until needed.

Keep these tips in mind and you may find that you save money as much as you save the environment!


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